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A casa of gifts.


Nespresso wanted to create a campaign for the festive season that showcased its range of luxury products, ideal for gifting. With shooting plans in flux due to COVID-19, an alternative solution was needed to ensure deadlines would be met.

creative agency
McCann Paris
CGI company
mastering & post-production
production management
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Creating a virtual world that could still bring the beauty of gifting to life. Based around the magical Casa Nespresso, the campaign takes us on a gifting journey through the product range, showing off the limited-edition coffees, elegant machines and stylish accessories with one key difference. All elements, including the villa exterior and interiors, Milan’s skyline and Nespresso products, were created in 3D.


Hogarth oversaw the entire production, including sourcing and briefing treatments, and acted as a bridge between creative and production. 

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The ability to turn a creative idea based on a live shoot into a full-CGI production that delivered a unique, beautiful and authentic campaign is a fantastic example of what craft, technology and production expertise can accomplish.


The campaign was delivered across multiple media channels, including social, for which we developed an Instagram advent calendar, where the 24 days of Christmas correspond to a magical story set around the house.